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Do I Need Planning Permission for Sash Windows and Doors in December 2023?

You will need planning permission for any alterations to your windows and doors if your property is located in a conservation area or listed building or if the changes would affect the character or appearance of the building. Planning permission is a question that often arises when homeowners consider changing their sash windows and doors. This can be a complex issue, as the requirements can vary depending on the location, type and age of your property[1]. In this article, we at Expert Sash Windows will guide you through the key considerations to help you understand whether you need planning permission for your project.   Do I Need Planning Permission To Change Windows And Doors In Leamington Spa In ? The answer to this question depends on the location and type of property in question. The rules for each of the following four categories differ: Category Description 1 Houses, flats, and offices that are NOT in a conservation area or listed

Sash Windows and Energy Efficiency: A Comprehensive Guide to U-Values and UK Legislations in December 2023

If you have sash windows in your home, you may be wondering how they affect your energy efficiency and what you need to do to comply with the UK legislations on U-values for windows. U-values are a measure of how well a window insulates or keeps the heat inside a room. The lower the U-value, the better the insulation and the more energy-efficient the window. Sash windows can have different U-values depending on their type, glazing, and frame materials. In this guide, we will provide an overview of the UK legislations on U-values for windows and how they affect sash windows. We will also give you some tips and recommendations on how to choose the best sash windows for your home and improve their energy performance. The Future Homes Standard and new U-values for doors and windows (England) The Future Homes Standard is a set of ambitious plans by the Government to make new homes more energy-efficient and reduce carbon

Sash Window Style Guide For 2023

With over 6,500 sash windows fitted throughout the last two years, Here at Expert Sash Windows, we curate and mastermind with the leading sash window companies alongside sharing our case studies and processes to refine further and deliver the highest possible quality sash windows. To compose this guide, we also spoke to the leading heritage home renovation companies of 2023 in the UK to craft and hone in on the ultimate sash windows trends throughout this decade! So don’t forget to share this post on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and reach out to us if you’re looking for luxury bespoke made-to-measure sash windows in London! What exactly is a sash window? Consisting of one or more movable panels, sash windows are a type of window called ‘sashes’ that are set in a frame. These panels hold glass panes, separated by narrow strips of wood or uPVC, called ‘astragal bars’. Sash windows were prevalent in the 18th and 19th centuries, but

Casement Windows Vs Sliding Sash Windows

There are many types of windows available on the market, each with unique benefits. The most popular window styles are casement windows and sliding sash windows. Casement windows are usually hinged on one side, allowing them to open outward. Sliding sash windows, on the other hand, have one or more panels that slide horizontally. Each type of window has its advantages and disadvantages. Casement windows, for example, are easy to open and close but can be challenging to clean. Sliding sash windows in Greater Manchester, on the other hand, are easier to clean but can be challenging to open and close. What type of sash window is right for your needs and preferences? Our guide should help you decide! If you want an easy-to-open window, go for a casement window. If you want an easy-to-clean window, go for a sliding sash window, our installers are ready to go in the West Midlands. What is a Casement Window? Casement windows are

Sash Window Jargon Explained

Our sash window jargon guide will ensure you make an informed decision. For example, our sash windows could be a perfect choice if you’re planning to replace your heritage windows in the near future. Looking to add sash windows to your period home? Call us on 01926 266 096 or email [email protected] to find out more. For those with a specific sliding sash window in mind, you can get a quote. Then, with our team of master craftsmen, you can design your perfect sash window. We have a wide range of locations covered; click here to find your nearest installer. If you’re considering replacing your sash windows, you’ll want to ensure you get the best quality product possible. As with any specialist product, a lot of the terminology will be unknown to most people. For example, when you think of a window, you probably think it only consists of the frame and the glass. Add some handles and hinges, and

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