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Sash Window Jargon Explained

Our sash window jargon guide will ensure you make an informed decision. For example, our sash windows could be a perfect choice if you’re planning to replace your heritage windows in the near future.

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If you’re considering replacing your sash windows, you’ll want to ensure you get the best quality product possible.

As with any specialist product, a lot of the terminology will be unknown to most people. For example, when you think of a window, you probably think it only consists of the frame and the glass. Add some handles and hinges, and that’s about it.

But you’d be forgiven for thinking you heard a different language when you hear terms such as sash horns, mullions, and astragal bars. At Expert Sash Windows Solihull, we want the best for all our customers.

When customers feel like they understand a product like sash windows in Leamington Spa, they are usually happier with their purchase, so we’ve devised this handy sash window jargon to serve as a bible to ensure you are fully informed and give you deeper insights to make a better buying decision!

Initially used in timber sash windows to strengthen the joints, sash horns are a distinctive part of a sash window’s appearance. As a result, sash windows often feature in the Expert Sash Windows Manchester Heritage Collection as either run-through sash horns, which are an integral part of the window or clip-on sash horns for a cost-effective alternative. This feature allows you to add character to your sash windows.

Transoms And Mullions

Transoms and mullions are vertical and horizontal beams that, respectively, divide sash windows into sections. Traditionally used to support separate glass panes, they now commonly replicate the traditional heritage style.

Astragal / Georgian Bars

Astragal bars, also known as Georgian bars, are the thin, vertical transoms used in heritage windows. Originally popularized during the Georgian era, they are a common feature in many period property windows. For new builds, astragal and Georgian bars are a great way of adding character to your home by adding new sash windows in Leicester.

Meeting Stile And Rail

The meeting stile and rail are the sections of the window frame that support the structure. Without these, your sash windows would not be able to sustain the panes of glazing. In addition, these features help add strength and solidity to the uPVC frame.

The window sections are joined together to create the structure; we use the most exemplary uPVC profile for our sash windows at Expert Sash Windows Warwickshire. This will offer the homeowner security, thermal efficiency, weatherproofing, and no high-maintenance headaches.

Window furniture

Window furniture is an essential element in any sash window design. It can add character and style to the window and can also be used to replace traditional timber windows. Our range of window furniture includes locks, handles, hinges, and Astragal and Georgian bars, which can all be used to create a unique and stylish window without ruining the period integrity of your heritage property. Our expert carpenters can advise you on the best furniture for your window and create bespoke pieces to suit your home perfectly.

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Daniel James

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