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Sash Window Style Guide For 2023

With over 6,500 sash windows fitted throughout the last two years, Here at Expert Sash Windows, we curate and mastermind with the leading sash window companies alongside sharing our case studies and processes to refine further and deliver the highest possible quality sash windows.

To compose this guide, we also spoke to the leading heritage home renovation companies of 2023 in the UK to craft and hone in on the ultimate sash windows trends throughout this decade!

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What exactly is a sash window?

Consisting of one or more movable panels, sash windows are a type of window called ‘sashes’ that are set in a frame. These panels hold glass panes, separated by narrow strips of wood or uPVC, called ‘astragal bars’. Sash windows were prevalent in the 18th and 19th centuries, but their popularity waned in the 20th century due to the rise of other window styles, such as casement windows.

However, sash windows have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years due to their aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency. Mainly, by design, there are only two types of sash windows: vertical sliding sash windows in Warwickshire and horizontal sliding sash windows.

Using the grooves at the side of the sash window frame, these vertical sliding sash windows are then ‘hung’ (mounted), while horizontal sliding sash windows are ‘hung’ in grooves at the top and bottom of the actual framed window unit.

Springs and counterweights help each sash with the initial opening mechanism. Sash weights then effectively balance and distribute the load traditionally made of lead, iron or steel.

Then via a sash cord, a sash weight directly connects to the window, which is fitted using a unique pulley system at the very top of the frame.

Once the sash window is open, the weight then counteracts and balances, making your life easier by allowing your windows to open with much less effort.

The most popular choice to retain that timeless aesthetic will always be sash windows, which can add to the property’s character and appeal. However, they can also be a good choice for more modern properties, as they can add a touch of elegance and sophistication. If you’re considering installing sash windows in your home, you should keep a few things in mind.

First, sash windows can be heavy, so make sure your frame is strong enough to support them. Second, sash windows must be installed and maintained to function correctly and avoid damage.

This is an excellent choice for a style of window that combines style and function; sash windows may be a perfect choice.

The hottest sash window styles of 2023

Sash windows have been around for centuries, with several distinctive styles emerging.

Here are some of the most popular styles of sash windows:

Georgian sash windows

As one of the earlier known types of sash windows, Georgian sashes are instantly recognised for their gorgeous characterisation and blend of clean, simple and refined lines.

At the same time, they intertwine beautifully in the many sets of astragal bars that then are mounted to hold the 6-8 separate panes of glazing used in the window in place. Unfortunately, these astragal bars are generally fairly thick, reflecting the need for the poor quality glazing available in the period.

Victorian sash windows

The Victorians further refined the sash window style in Worcestershire to accommodate the development of glass manufacturing in the Victorian period; much larger glazing panes could be housed in a window frame without the need for many astragal bars.

In addition, the Victorians developed new sash window features, as the sash horn was designed to combat the extra weight created by more extensive glazing. Ornate furniture, astragals, architraves, and embellished sash horns can characterise victorian sashes.

Edwardian sash windows

Edwardian sash windows utilise the same clean, refined, sleek and simple lines of their Georgian counterparts but on a much larger scale.

On some of the Edwardian sash window projects in Staffordshire we’ve worked on personally here at Expert Sash Windows Warwickshire, we’ve seen some Edwardian sash windows reaching, I kid you not, widths of 5 feet.

These larger panes, which we had to incorporate into this project, paired with embellished glazing, further allow vast amounts of natural light into the property, leaving our client thrilled.


Vertical sliding sash window

Again, self-explanatory; this one is in the name of the title. These are the most common sash window designs, open vertically. This opening mechanism allows excellent ventilation.

Horizontal sliding sash window

Often referred to in our industry as a ‘Yorkshire Light’, the clue being that horizontal sliding sash windows are then mounted horizontally and slide open simultaneously, from side to side. In this respect, horizontal sliding sash windows’ opening action is similar to casement windows.

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